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This page talks about the flash game. For the book, see What Planet Are You From? (Book).

What Planet Are You From? was a flash game that features The Galaxy Girls. Viewers can learn about the Galaxy Girls as well as choosing five girls to party with Saturn at her dance club, each girl portraying a different music loop that can be toggled on and off to remix the song.

The flash game can be found here. However, because Flash had ended at the start of 2021, the game is no longer playable on browsers. To open this, one must open the archive link and get the SWF to HTML Chrome extension, or download Puffin Web Browser.



  • This game arguably marks the first time The Sun talks, with her instrument sounding like a singing voice.
    • If this statement is true, this would be the only time a Galaxy Girl has spoken.
  • Milky Way's navel is exposed on the top left sketch on the information page, a feature she'd lack in her final design.
  • Venus' sound loop is similar to the sound effect in Sonic the Hedgehog where you clear a zone without losing any rings.


  • If a user right clicks and chooses forward, rewind or back, the game will glitch.

    An example of a glitch

  • In the learning portion, two of Uranus' fingers aren't colored in, and her glasses are shaded white.
  • If left too long, Saturn's beats will go out of sync with the song.
  • The player must switch to the Saturn's dance club tab and to another tab before it loads. If done correctly, Saturn will dance all alone without any music.