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About Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls

What do girls like? The first thing that may come to your mind may be: clothes, hair, make up and fashion. And you would be right. Most girls DO enjoy those things, and it would be foolish to ignore that fact. But who only likes one thing, right? The world often forgets that girls love art, sports, music, culture, animals, learning... the list is infinite! And, sadly, sometimes girls forget that, too. So why can't girls be cute, stylish, cool, AND smart, empowered and a little different? They can. Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls provides the best of both worlds for girls. Fun with trendy, funky clothes and hair styles AND a wide variety of personalities, nationalities and outside interests. Each character has a specific activity she loves and accessories and wardrobe that correspond. They are each individually adorned with a personal symbol and color scheme that define her and her lifestyle. So, there's a girl for everyone! All you have to do is figure out... WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM?

Description from the Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls flash game.

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